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Dental Excellence

Yes this is the name of our Dental Clinic. True to its name we always believe in giving Excellent Dental care.
We know the importance of Teeth for our patients,So that's why we give high level of Dental Treatment to our Patients. We give lot of services Like Dental Implants,Dental Braces,Teeth Whitening, Fixed Orthodontic Treatment.


Our Simple Philosphy is to give smile to every face by making their Teeth look good. Our dentist are the best in this field in UNA.
They always give their Best Treatment for Dental Heathcare. We also believe in giving best dental treatment to our patients at affordable rates. So Whenever you want to find a dentist near we are one step away Dental clinic in Una.


We are expert in almost every set of problems related to teeth. Our main expertise in Dental is Artificial Set of Teeth, Teeth Whitening, Fracture Jaw Orif, Removal of Cyst, Crown and Bridge,
Dental Implants, Extraction and Impactions in Teeth, Fixed Orthodontic Treatment. Our Dentist is counted among the top dentist and Our main Expertise is handling the dental problems with Precision.

Meet Our Specialists

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Dr. Anirudh Pathak

Paediatric and General Dentistry


Heads the dental centre, is a General and Paediatric Dentist who graduated from well reputed H.D.C, Sundernagar and brings with him over 5 years of clinical experience and academic involvement. He is also a consultant with various dental clinics across various districts of Himachal Pradesh and Tricity We ensure provision of gentle, family oriented dental care to all our patients.

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Dr.Abjeet Brar

Orthodontics and dentofacial orthopaedics.


BDS,MDS Orthodontics
Buccal Metal/Ceramic, Bracket Treatment for children and Adults,Functional jaw treatments for children, Also Lingual braces treatment.

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Dr. Divye malhotra

Oral,maxillofacial surgery and Implantology


BDS,MDS oral and maxillofacial Surgery,Implantology
Specializes in treating injuries and defects in head,neck and face region.
1.Dento-alveolar surgeries-Impactions and preprosthetic surgeries
2.Dental Implant surgeries
3.Orthognathic surgeries
4.Removal of benign/malignant cysts,tumors etc
5.Tmj disorders>